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The Cities + Climate Initiative

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The Cities + Climate Initiative

The Cities + Climate Initiative (formerly the Cities + COP26 Initiative) was formed in early 2021, with the goal of supporting Canadian cities and city-focused civil society organizations in advancing multilevel climate action in Canada. Through three major roundtable dialogues in 2021 and 2022, as well as our activities at the COP26 & COP27 UN Climate Conferences, our team has worked continuously to amplify the voices of Canadian cities as they weave a cohesive and cooperative narrative about their major collective climate asks.



About Us


Deepened direct local-federal relationship on climate in Canada, following the convening of targeted dialogues centered around the importance of cities + multilevel climate action.

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Improved public engagement in multilevel climate action, allowing societies to learn about key issues and impacts, while also making meaningful contributions into policy development around climate action.

Improved collaboration and trust among key city, federal and civil society actors in advancing multilevel climate action in Canada, following the development of coordinated key messaging, clear asks to the federal government, and identification of major intervention points.

Expanded and strengthened international partnerships that would support climate action in Canada, and raise the profile of the Canadian network in new climate-forward economic development.

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our activities

the power of convening

With the support of the facilitation resources at the SFU Morris J Wosk Centre for Dialogue, we convene national dialogues that bring together various governments, civil society representatives, industry partners, and experts from outside Canada. 

These dialogues help generate concrete steps that support Canadian multilevel climate action. They also provide an opportunity for climate practitioners to have frank conversations with decision makers about current climate trajectories and public policy.

on the world stage

This initiative supports Canadian multilevel climate efforts at home and abroad at engagements such as COP. These efforts foster a healthy international knowledge exchange. The development of partnerships with places abroad facing similar challenges to those in Canada helps improve our mitigation, adaptation, and innovation actions

bridging the gap

At the SFU Centre for Dialogue, we lead many initiatives that build civic literacy among the general public on a variety of topics. The Cities + Climate Initiative operates similarly to translate knowledge from national dialogues, international dialogues, and expert resources for access by the general public. We believe that building understanding is important to sustain change.

the team

The Cities + Climate Initiative is presently spearheaded by Jude Crasta & Fergus Linley - Mota, and is supported by a larger team of facilitation, program coordination, and communications staff through the SFU Morris J Wosk Centre for Dialogue. 

To learn more about the SFU Morris J Wosk Centre for Dialogue, click the logo below.

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